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Last Week in the Cemetery (Week of October 24)

Posted November 3, 2022 by M.S. Coyne

Last week in the African Cemetery No. 2 was nearly perfect Fall weather: COOL and SUNNY

The landscaping and planting season is over. For the remainder of the year and until Spring 2023 there

will be some invasive removal along the back fence and an effort to slowly free the fence from the vines that have grown with time.

Flowering has not stopped, though. One last Iris (Iris spp.) refuses to give up.

If you do visit the cemetery during winter you may notice some big changes along the back fence. Kentucky Utilities, in an effort to keep limbs from touching high power transmission lines over the RJ Corman Railroad tracks, hired contractors to remove limbs or trees that threatened the wires in the future. These were identified by Blue or Red Spray paint. Because the trees are in the utility right-of-way

they have the power to do so.

Sadly, this means that heirloom Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis), Elm (Ulmus spp. ), Black Locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), and Osage Orange (Maclura pomifera) may be partly or fully removed, which will significantly reduce the canopy coverage. These trees are possibly 50-100 years old.

Fortunately, the arborist working with KU is doing his best to minimize any cutting that may occur. So, we may be keeping these trees for many years to come. Stay tuned.

Remember that if you or your group would like to contribute a few hours of service maintaining African Cemetery No. 2, please contact Mark Coyne at to plan a visit. We’ll be open for

groups to work again in Spring 2023.

But, as always, feel free to visit African Cemetery No. 2 any time.

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