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Last Week in the Cemetery (Week of September 4)

Posted September 18, 2023 by M.S. Coyne

No mowing or trimming this week because it has been so dry the grass has grown very little. It’s even

started to turn shades of tan. Our big event this week was receiving six additional official military markers. The markers were installed at the beginning of the week and then on September 6 another Youth Group from the Latter Day Saints planted Irises (Iris sp.) by the new markers and mulched around both sets of markers in addition to cleaning stones in Section F.

During the work period we were treated to a lovely rainbow over Louden Avenue.

Remember, if you or your group would like to contribute a few hours of service maintaining African Cemetery No. 2 in 2023 (perhaps weeding), please contact Mark Coyne at to plan

a visit.

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I don't see anywhere to edit my earlier comment, so I'll simply say that I made the thank you to Mark. Marilyn Dishman



Mark, thank you for being so thoughtful and allowing us to appreciate the beauty of African Cemetery No. 2. Also, thank you for your continued dedication of keeping this hallowed space beautiful. Don't think that it goes unnoticed.❤️❤️❤️

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