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The Broadus Family

   Anthony and Susan Broadus lived on a plantation in Nicholasville, KY. Anthony worked in the fields and Susan was the lady's maid of the plantation.

   The Emancipation Proclamation was declared-Anthony and Susan got separated heading towards freedom. Susan swam across the Ohio River from Kentucky, had a child with her, not her own, held onto a log or driftwood and the current took them to Cincinnati's shore. The carpetbaggers united them in Cincinnati, Ohio.

   Anthony bought an acre of land in Linwood (part of Cincinnati) Ohio and built his home. It became part of Ault Park.

   On the hill was the Broadus house, then a shelter house and it was torn down by the city. Presently the Pavillion stands where the Broadus house once was.

    There are Broadus artifacts, dating back to the 1900s or earlier: a handmade quilt by Susan Broadus, three pictures of the family sitting on the Broadus porch.

   These items are now and forever part of the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Special Thanks to Margo Cooper for her Contribution

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