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Last Week in the Cemetery (Week of December 26)

Posted January 19, 2023 by M.S. Coyne

Last week in the Cemetery was cold and the last of the snow from the Christmas freeze was still hanging

around. This seems like the worst time to visit African Cemetery No. 2, because it all looks so bleak. But we know from experience how it will pop back in Spring.

It was just warm enough to do some landscaping. We started a program to clear the Bush Honeysuckle(Lonicera mackii) and Winter Creeper (Euonymus fortunei) from the back fence of the cemetery. Over the years, both invasive species have taken over this right-of-way of the RJ Corman Railroad Company.

It will be a long, slow process, but perfect for those periods when nothing else is growing and the ground begins to freeze. When it’s done, the back fence will look much more impressive.

We don’t expect any volunteers until Spring, but remember, if you or your group would like to contribute a few hours of service maintaining African Cemetery No. 2 in 2023, please contact Mark Coyne at to plan a visit.

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