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Last Week in the Cemetery (Week of December 8)

Posted January 19, 2023 by M.S. Coyne

Last week in the Cemetery seemed to be unseasonably warm, so it was an opportunity to continue some landscaping and general maintenance before the ground froze.

We transplanted a new White Oak (Quercus alba) that was donated by the late Isabel Carpenter.

Because it was a volunteer tree from her home (growing in a totally inappropriate space) the entire tap root wasn’t recovered. But we hope for the best. It was placed in the vicinity of an oak grove we are

developing in Section A. The photograph shows how a wire cage has been used to prevent critters from nibbling on the tree before it gets started. It also shows the proper way to mulch around a newly planted tree to discourage weeds and encourage root growth.

We also planted a small patch of Eastern Red Cedar (Juniperus Virginia) to the side of the brush pile in Section D. This is the hardy pioneering evergreen that you see on the hillslopes whenever you’re driving Kentucky’s highways. It may be necessary to cage these saplings as well because (despite how prickly they are) some critters have already been gnawing on them.

As weather permits we will be clearing the fence line and trees of Winter Creeper (Euonymus fortunei).

Remember that if you or your group would like to contribute a few hours of service maintaining African Cemetery No. 2 in 2023, please contact Mark Coyne at to plan a visit.

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