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Military Veterans

The site is the final resting place of soldiers who fought in the Civil War, Spanish American War, World War I and World War II. Those names that are highlighted were confirmed through archival research; they do not have a military grave marker.

Civil War Veterans

Forty-nine men who served in the United States Colored Troops of the Civil War are interred. Of the most notable is George T. Prosser who served in Company D of the 54
th Massachusetts Infirmary. His company was among those that stormed the fortifications at Fort Wagner, South Carolina 17 July 1863. In his pension request, he told of his imprisonment in a Confederate prisoner of war camp. After being held for nineteen months as a prisoner, he was released and returned to his regiment for discharge. Prosser, from Columbia, Tennessee, became a Methodist minister and served as a pastor, presiding elder and evangelist. He died July 3, 1904 and was laid to rest on July 4, 1904 in Cemetery No. 2.


G.T. Prosser

Co. D    54th Mass. Infantry

Isaac Hawes

Co. B    122nd Infantry

James Dyke

Co. H    46th PA. Infantry

Spencer P. Young, Sgt

Co. A    122nd Infantry
Cupid BradfordCo. A    107th Infantry

Willis Downing

Co. G    123rd Infantry

Christopher Jackson

Co. I     109th Infantry

Clay Trotter

Co. F     123rd Infantry
Gustavus Waller, Corp’lCo. K     109th Infantry

John Booker

Co. C     124th Infantry

Cyrus Berryman

Co. I     114th Infantry

Isham Jackson

Co. E     124th Infantry

Milton Lewis

Co. G     114th Infantry

Joshua Miles

Co. D    124th Infantry

John Trebble

Co. D     114th Infantry

James Clark

Co. B     5th Cavalry
John Whaley
Co. E     114th Infantry

Joseph Byrd

Co. G     5th Cavalry

Clay Ballard

Co. G     116th Infantry

Andrew Jackson

Co. B     5th Cavalry

Buford Beatty, Corp’l

Co. A     116th Infantry

Howard Miller, Sgt.

Co. M    5th Cavalry

Charles J. Braxton

Co. K     116th Infantry

Henry Finch

Co. I     6th Cavalry

Anderson Brown

Co. E     116th Infantry

Samuel Allen

Co. I     12th Heavy Artillery

Chapman Coles

Co. F     116th Infantry

Wilkin Allen

Co. A     12th Heavy Artillery

John Lee

Co. B     116th Infantry

Thomas Armstead

Co. K     12th Heavy Artillery

Isaiah Simpson

Co. H     116th Infantry

Nelson Harris

Co. H     12th Heavy Artillery

Ned Williams

Co. K     116th Infantry

George Hohner

Co. F     12th Heavy Artillery

David Stout

Co. F     117th Infantry

Robert Howard

Co. H     12th Heavy Artillery

Isaiah Haines

Co. C     118th Infantry

Samuel Huffman

Co. H     12th Heavy Artillery

Humphrey Allen

Co. B     119th Infantry

John P. Hummons

Co. E     12th Heavy Artillery

Douglas Calmese

Co. B     119th Infantry

John Madison

Co. I     12th Heavy Artillery

Henry Davis

Co. B     119th Infantry

Peter McClure

Co. C     12th Heavy Artillery

Daniel Lewis

Co. C     119th Infantry

Thos. Mosby

Co. D     12th Heavy Artillery

(Craven) Peyton

Co. F     119th Infantry

Henry Peterson

Co. A     12th Heavy Artillery
Joshua Smith
Co. D     119th Infantry

Spanish American War Veterans

John Bell
             9th Cavalry
Leslie Bohannon
Co. C     24th Infantry
William Carpenter
Co. M    9th Cavalry
John Jackson, Corp’l
              24th Infantry
Dan Johnson
             9th Cavalry
Daniel Black, Texas
             25th Infantry
Clarence Snowden, Corp’l
             9th Cavalry
William Webb
             25th Infantry
Robert Young
Tr. G     10th Regt. Cavalry
Eugene Wilson, 1st Sgt
Co. F     3rd N.C. Infantry
William S. Blanton
Co. B     24th Infantry

Veterans of World War I

Nathan Caulder, Sgt.
351st Machine Gunn Batt’n
Henry Smalley, CPL
Co. D    801 Pioneer Infantry
William Davis
Co. B    42nd Res. Labor BN QMC
Thompson Smith
Co. M    801 Pioneer Infantry
Clarence B. Espy
Co. L    369th Infantry
James Hoskins
Co. C     812 Pioneer Infantry
George Gordon
Co. D    520th Engineers
Charley Carpenter
             159 Depot Brigade
John E. Jones
             Cavalry Sch Det.
Harry Crittenden, CPL
             159 Depot Brigade
Jerry C. Welch, CPL
             Quarter Master Corp.
Edward Ingles, Bugler
             159 Depot Brigade
Arthur Black, CPL
Co. I     814 Pioneer Infantry
John Jackson
             159 Depot Brigade
John Wesley Grant
             801 Pioneer Infantry
Barton A. Madison
             159 Depot Brigade
Ben Mason
Co. H    801 Pioneer Infantry
Ethelbert Washington
             159 Depot Brigade
Harry Sears
Co. M    801 Pioneer Infantry

Veterans of World War II

Oliver Dennis
New York Mess Attendant, U.S.N.R.R.
Clemon Jones, Sgt.
372nd Infantry
Robert McCoy, S.Sgt.
1889 Engr. Serv. AVN BN
John Triplett
312th S.C. Serv. BN QMC