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Men of the Thoroughbred Industry

Our cemetery holds the remains of Oliver Lewis, the jockey who won the inaugural Kentucky Derby in 1875, Abraham Perry, the trainer of the thoroughbred to win the 1885 Kentucky Derby and James “Soup” Perkins, who tied a record as being the youngest jockey to win the Kentucky Derby in 1895. This is the first burial site of Isaac Burns Murphy, winner of three Kentucky Derbys and first African American inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame. Other African Americans interred served as jockeys, trainers, groomsmen, stable hands, horse shippers and simply, horsemen.

Morton Austin
William Henry Bates
Smith Bones
Tommy Britton
James Brooke
Henry Harrison Brown
Clarence Bryant
Luis Butler
Edward Caldwell
Chester Campbell
Harry Carpenter
Henry Chambers
Matt Clark
Nelson Cleveland
James Coleman
June Collins
Billy Curd
William Davis
Johnson Deamus
William Embry
Frederick Eubanks
Ben Fields
Thomas Fisher
Ben Forrest
Oliver Lewis
Cecil Green
Russell Green
Clarence Greene
Oscar Jiles
Austin Harris
William Harris
Daniel Hart
Daniel Higgins
James Hoskenson
Walker Hughes
Howard Jefferson
Henry Jones
Thomas Johnson
Octie Keys
Howard Lee
Lee Madison
 Clarence Matthews
Robert Mennis
John Montgomery
Isaac Burns Murphy
Jake Overton
John W. Palmer
Theodore Palmer
Frank Perkins
James “Soup” Perkins
Abraham Perry
Stephen Plotten
Pete Phillips
Henry Roberts
George Rogers
Frank Ross
George Ross
William Seals
Eddy Scott
Joseph Scott
Steve Scotte
George Sissle
Henry Slaughter
Andrew Smith
James Smith
Walter Smith
George Stewart
Alexander Stout
Clarence Strange
Charles Suter
Cassius Clay Tankersley
Harry Thompson
Robert Arthur Tolles
Jack Trotter
Horatio Tucker
Charlie O. Walker
Henry Walker
George Washington
Sam Weathers
Charley Williams
Edward Withrow
Braxton Woodard